Driving Central Ohio

Manufacturer Growth

MEP@CSCC is a full-service solutions provider for central Ohio manufacturers. We partner with you to expand your business as a low-cost catalyst for driving profitability, productivity and innovation in manufacturing.
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Market insights, customer identification, product innovation, Lean/Six Sigma business modeling, supply chain optimization and operational efficiency, cybersecurity risk assessments and more.

Training and Product Development:

OSHA certifications, advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, automation, robotics and augmented and virtual reality, PLC, Fluid Power and Mechanical training all available in the MEP@CSCC Integrated Systems Technology Lab.

Education and Workforce Development:

Leadership and supervisory courses, IT workforce certificates, language classes, internship initiatives, job placement and pipeline development.

Innovation has never been so easy. Work with MEP@CSCC.

Combining the power of Ohio’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership with workforce integration and consulting expertise from Columbus State Community College, MEP@CSCC and our partners support and grow the manufacturing sector in the region. We collaborate with you to develop the skills and workforce needed to increase innovation, expand sales and your business.

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Serving a 12-county Ohio region from our offices in downtown Columbus.

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