Training and Education

When you invest in your people, you strengthen your business.

Poaching talent from other companies is a short-term solution that hinders company loyalty and creates a costly revolving door of new hires. Cultivating in-house talent increases employee retention significantly, which will ultimately attract the best and brightest naturally. Keep your employees engaged and challenged, and you’ll boost not only morale but also performance and innovation. And promoting from within lets you maintain work culture and benefit from institutional knowledge.

Training and Education

Located on Columbus State Community College’s Columbus Campus, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) at Columbus State is anchored in education. Our list of partners and offerings spans Central Ohio, the public and private sectors, as well as education and industry. Together, we champion lifelong learning, from technical training and professional development workshops to a wide range of certificate and degree programs. We’re here to help you and your company grow, crafting custom solutions for your needs.

Your employees will learn in our cutting-edge Integrated Systems Technology Lab, in the classroom, and virtually at their convenience. Our robust services provide hands-on experience rooted in comprehensive instruction. Elevate your employees to reach their potential, whether equipping an outstanding team member with the tools necessary to thrive as a manager, or rounding out the expertise of a technician.

Technical Training

Learn in our lab or online. We offer a wide range of solutions for upskilling, allowing you to elevate your top employees while fostering company loyalty. Access cutting-edge equipment for hands-on education and product development. Plug into digital training at your convenience.

Professional Development

Enhance leadership across your org chart, from out on the floor to up in the C-suite. Whether you’re looking to develop project management and accounting skills or elevate a technician to their first supervisory role, we’re here to ensure everyone has all the right resources to excel.

Certificate Programs

We offer several certificate programs for professional manufacturing training. Scholarships are available for students entering select programs.

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