Professional Development

Leaders need technical and management skills.

We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, paired with custom training solutions for your company’s needs. Enhance leadership across your org chart, from out on the floor to up in the C-suite. Whether you’re looking to develop project management and accounting skills or elevate a technician to their first supervisory role, we’re here to ensure everyone has all the right resources to excel. We’re well equipped to perform a leadership needs analysis to assist in the development and design of appropriate leadership training intervention.

Web-Based Leadership Training

Promoting from within comes with several advantages – bolstering employee development and retention, maintaining and growing institutional knowledge, and strengthening company loyalty. But managing a team is often very different from working as a member of that team. Your best technician knows the ins and outs of processes but may not have the necessary experience or training to supervise other employees successfully. We can help you bridge that gap.

We partner with Development Dimensions International Inc. to offer two-hour virtual training sessions for leadership. Participants take the courses online and set their own pace – they can even pause the training and come back to it later.

Access training for:

  • Addressing poor performance
  • Coaching for peak performance
  • Coaching: Move people forward
  • Advanced coaching
  • Communicating for leadership success
  • Delegating with purpose
  • Driving change
  • Resolving workplace conflict


DDI microcourses, ranging from seven to 20 minutes each, are also available. Topics include:

  • Change
  • Coaching
  • Collaborating
  • Conflict
  • Decision making
  • Delegation
  • Developing self and others
  • Engagement and retention
  • Essential interpersonal skills
  • Influencing
  • Interviewing
  • Meetings
  • Performance Management
  • Productivity
  • Teams

Collaboration Training

Based on the DiSC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, DiSC is a tool used to assess workplace personalities and better understand how different team members work individually and together.

Optimize your work culture and encourage team-building using proven DiSC approaches. We offer the full catalog of DiSC training courses.

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