Talent Recruitment

Though poaching may seem like the best way to secure the region’s top talent, our research and experience reveal this approach to be counterintuitive. Bidding wars lead to wage inflation and undermine company loyalty. Workforce shortages amplify these ramifications.

Our talent recruitment services offer a sustainable solution to workforce shortages. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) at Columbus State has a front seat for emerging talent coming out of Modern Manufacturing Work-Study and similar programs at our partner institutions. We also work with talent management firms to extend our reach in the Central Ohio talent pool.

Optimize Your Hiring Processes

The best talent strategies begin with building and maintaining a healthy work culture. Though vital, recruitment represents only one piece of a thoughtful talent strategy, and its success ultimately relies on employee retention. Emphasizing work culture and morale organically attracts – and maintains – top talent.

Another often overlooked piece of the puzzle is the job profile. The way you write a job posting directly impacts who applies. We will help you craft job profiles that effectively reflect and recruit for specific positions. We’ll equip you with research-based interview guides and help you assess prospective candidates to ensure the strength of your hiring processes from start to finish.

Connect with MEP at Columbus State
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