Partnering to Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19

HVAC and Healthy Workspaces

What does HVAC have to do with containing the spread of viruses? The MEP at Columbus State sat down with Bill HighleyDesign, Construction & Trades Assistant Professor at Columbus State Community College — to find out. Learn about creating and maintaining a healthy HVAC system and how to minimize the spread of viruses in your workspaces.

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How has COVID-19 impacted your business? Let us know by filling out this survey. The State of Ohio will use survey results to learn more about how we can continue supporting manufacturers through this turbulent time. Your survey participation is greatly appreciated!

COVID-19 Audit

The MEP at Columbus State’s COVID-19 assessment is based on the Ohio MEP Re-Opening Guidelines. This 110-item checklist helps manufacturers affirm and enhance their COVID-19 mitigation strategies and prepare for the uncertain future.

The best part is the COVID-19 assessment is completely covered by MEP national emergency funds, so there is no cost to you.

The MEP at Columbus State has been conducting these audits across the 12-county Central Ohio region, helping manufacturers face this pandemic. At the conclusion, you receive a detailed report that will outline your company’s status on the Ohio MEP guidelines and will make recommendations of next steps you can take to help keep your workforce safe and your facility COVID-free.

The audit includes a walk-through of the facility and some deeper discussions. We kick off the audit with a virtual meeting the day prior, and then we bring a bare-bones team on-site for the assessment. Typically this assessment takes about four hours.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the MEP at Columbus State COVID-19 Assessment, please call 614-287-5000 or email

Short-Term Virtual Training for Your Employees

Keep your employees engaged. We partner with digital training providers to offer web-based training and education programs for technical skills, leadership and professional development, and more. We’ll work with you to create an education program tailored to your company’s needs and the current climate.

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